Josh Morehouse is an Atlanta Film Wedding Photographer serving the South East and beyond.

Can you imagine relocating your wedding in 24 hours? Well, these two did!

Last year Helen and James had a beautiful wedding planned in a historic square in downtown Savannah the same weekend Hurricane Matthew was due to hit.  I had evacuated to Nashville for the weekend, and the following day I received a phone call from a fellow photographer friend in Savannah. She told me about Helen and James situation, and how she wasn’t able to make it to Atlanta to photograph their wedding that had to be relocated last minute. With no real plans for the weekend, I was more than happy to make the drive down to Atlanta the following morning to photograph this sweet, beautiful and intimate backyard wedding. Not even a hurricane could stop these two from getting married! I was truly elated to be a part of this special day on such short notice!

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Photography: Josh Morehouse | Photo Lab: Richard Photo Lab